Nr.14 ended with: “What she didn’t know, and what we didn’t know either was that the calf was sick and had diarrhea…………!”

The dean went back to bed, but after a while she felt she should check on the calf once more. When she opened the door of the entrance hall, the floor was covered with….., well you know what and it smelled terrible. She called the dean of men, Ron, now my brother in law, who after he got dressed went to the bathroom where he met my friend Martin. He of course, in the strongest terms denied having anything to do with this, but said, “That’s Richard’s doing”, and went up to our room. However, we did as though we were sleeping and fooled him. So Martin and Ron went to the girls dorm and while Martin took the calf back to the barn, Ron had to clean up the mess! The “wonderful” part was that my room mate and I were able to watch everything from our bedroom window and my, did we ever laugh! J A few days went by and no one had any idea who had done this, so finally we  decided to go to the principal and tell him that we were the guilty ones, hoping that this would lessen our punishment.

So we went to his house and told him everything. He told us to wait a bit and disappeared. It took some time before he returned and I noticed his face being quite red, I wondered whether he wasn’t feeling well. He told us we would have to clean the barn for a whole week as punishment. I didn’t mind that at all, it had been worth it. Much later after the principal and I had become good friends, he told me that when we had told him the whole thing, he went to his bedroom, fell on the bed and almost laughed himself sick, that’s why his face had been so red. By the way, animal lovers, the calf got better within days. Whether it was because of being out in the cold or because of the pleasure of being in the girls dorm, which privilege a calf does not get very often :-), but it had no ill effects. Several positive things came out of this all, but that’s for next time. (Go to Musings)

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