Nr.178 ended with, “But just as God is real, so is the enemy and we had experienced his opposition many a time already in different ways, and now unknowing to us, he was attacking again and we were to soon find that out……………….!” (See

The devil, Satan, is the source of discouragement, confusion and division. We experienced these things in our own lives and saw it in the lives of other believers and churches. I have written about people becoming Christians and churches being started, much to praise the Lord for, but there were also disappointments and discouragements. Division would come in due to differences of opinion about doctrines and church practices. This was now happening in one of our assemblies and without going into detail, it resulted in a church split, a group of believers leaving the church. It was heartbreaking and very painful. There was heart searching, sleepless nights and much prayer, but ultimately the Lord gave victory and after quite some time the two groups came together, confessed wrong attitudes and were re-united, praise God. Satan lost this one!

We continued to work with the new assembly in Mariakerke and I gave Bible studies in some of the other churches. I also continued with evangelistic home Bible studies especially in the province of West Flanders. There had been a real moving of the Spirit in that part of Belgium with many coming to the Lord, however things seemed to be changing. We still had full living rooms, but it wasn’t quite the same. After the study we always had a time for questions and answers, but that seemed to change. As a few years ago I would get one question after another and we would go on until midnight or even later, now there were few questions and meetings ended much earlier. Strange!

It seemed that during the period ’72 until about ’92 there was a special moving of God’s Spirit and people seemed to be really interested in the Bible and had many questions. Every week, at times almost every day some would come to the Lord, but that had really slowed down now. Other evangelical workers noticed that too. Strange. However, when we look at the work of God through the years all over the world, we find that the Spirit seems to work at certain times and in certain area’s in special ways. Why that is, I don’t know, has it something to do with God’s sovereignty?

Towards the end of ’92, Marina and I returned to Canada for a home assignment and also to see how things would go with Rosa, as Burt and Elaine felt that their time was up and they needed to move on. How would the Lord lead this time……..? (Go to Musings).


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