Nr.161 ended with: “Oh yes, dear friends, we are on the winning side, our Lord Jesus Christ will ultimately triumph over all evil and I’m excited about that, hallelujah…………….! I hope you are with us?!” (See

As mentioned last week, because of the rapid growth of the work, it was hard to keep up and so we were very thankful that the Lord raised up other workers to help us. The Luesink’s had joined us in ’71, but returned to Canada in ’74, the Gelling’s had come in ’75, the den Boer’s in ’76, the Threadcraft’s in ’79, returning to the USA in ’83, the Symons’ in ’81, Dave Dunlap in ’83, but returning to the USA in ’89, the Gifford’s in ’84. All of these, except Martin and Lydie Symons were foreign workers, but now two other Belgian couples came into the work in 1984, Guido and Marianne De Kegel in East Flanders and Luc and Nicole Vandevorst in Limburg, and more would follow in the years to come.

It was in 1977 that I was invited to Guido and Marianne’s home to explain the Bible and the gospel. You can read about this in episode 135. Guido was a real student and it didn’t take long before he started giving Bible studies, ultimately becoming the best Bible teacher in our churches and maybe in all of Flemish Belgium. He became an elder in the church in Eeklo and finally felt and obeyed the call of God and took the daring step to leave his good job and start working full-time for the Lord. We were delighted. He has had a great influence on the assemblies and getting things more organized. During the pioneers phase of a work, things go spontaneous, but after a while, there needs to be some structure and organization. We see this in the N.T. too with the growth of the churches. And so the work of the Lord grew and the Lord was glorified as His church was being built.

However, the original purpose of “Musings” was not so much to write a story about the work, but rather about our personal lives, which of course includes the work. It is “our” story and how we experienced the reality of the living God, His presence, His guidance, His provisions, His protection, His faithfulness and His blessings and we’ll come back to that the next time…………….! (Go to Musings).


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