Nr.108 ended with: “And now, what did the Lord have in store for us next…….? (See

Before we left Canada, we had made one more very important visit. We went to see Henk and Beryl Gelling in Clinton. They had visited us the beginning of 1974 in Antwerp and we had talked and prayed about the possibility of them joining us in the work in Belgium. However, once they were back on the farm, doubts set in and questions as to whether they could be useful in Belgium and, was this really God’s will for them and how could they know? All along Beryl felt they should go, but Henk had doubts. When we visited them this time, we had a good conversation and in the words of Henk “you told me to get serious with God.” After talking and praying together they decided to come over in the summer of 1975, if the Lord continued to lead that way. And that is what happened, more about that later.

Han and Heleen Stolk, a young couple from Holland, stayed with our children while we were in Canada. Heleen helped organize the first youth weekend on my uncle and aunt’s farm in eastern Holland after our move from Canada. She was very much involved in all the youth weekends that followed and she also stayed with us for several months during the first part of 1974. She would often go along to Beerse to babysit a young boy of a single mother who wanted to attend the Bible study. It didn’t take long before she was saved. Han and Heleen were married that summer, I even led the wedding service.

After we returned from our brief time in Canada, I continued with the Bible studies in Beerse and in Limburg where people were coming to the Lord continually and the need to start a church became urgent. When going to Limburg I would often go during the day and work on the house we had rented in Koersel. Every room needed wall papering, painting and new carpets. There was a lot of work but I had help from some of the new Christians. Soon we would be in a Limburg, trusting the Lord to start our third church……! (Go to Musings).

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