Nr.83 ended with: “They put me out, put the shoulder back in and told me to stay overnight, but there was no bed free, except one, in the maternity ward….……..!” (See

So there I lay, in the only free bed in the whole hospital, in the maternity ward. Now many of you have been there as you were born there, but I wasn’t, my birth took place in my grandparent’s house. So it was quite an experience for me, and for the nuns who thought it was hilarious! I had a fairly good sleep and after breakfast the next morning and getting cleaned up, the nuns got me to sit up. Then two of them came in, one holding a baby from a mother in the next room, who gladly “loaned” her baby for this, and put the baby in my arms. And there I sat, with a grin on my face, while the other nun took a picture, and they laughed and laughed, in fact after they went out I heard the whole ward laughing. A little later I was allowed to go home with my arm in a sling and a box with all kinds of things for mothers who had just given birth. 🙂

It was good to be home again. I couldn’t drive car, but I was able to continue giving Bible studies and preaching. My dear wife Marina, after having recovered quite a bit from her breakdown, was not only busy with household duties and helping our children with their school work, but also spent a lot of time preparing Sunday school materials as there was little of that in Belgium. And she helped some of the young converts, training them to teach Sunday school, as it was growing, and more and more children were coming. Marina is not an artist, but she drew interesting pictures for her pre-school class, like Zacheus climbing into a tree and Jesus coming and saying, “Come down, I’m going to your house.” However, she did have problems with the language at times and using a wrong word. One day she told a neighbor lady that she was having a baby, which was coming out of her nose……….! 🙂 More next time. (Go to Musings)

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