Nr.73 ended with: “At times we went on until after midnight. But at sometime the question would come, “Who or what are you anyway……?” (See

The conversation would go something like this, I would be asked, “Are you a Roman Catholic?” “No.” “Are you a Protestant?” “No, not what you understand as Protestant.” “Are you a Jehovah Witness?” “No.” “Well then, what are you?” “I am just a Christian, in a sense I belong to the original catholic (universal) church of Jesus Christ. You know that your church has changed a lot during the last years. Well it has changed over the centuries and it is hard to know what and who to believe today, as your own priests often disagree with each other. The one says there is a purgatory, while another says there isn’t. One believes the Pope is infallible while another says he is just a man like any other. That makes it very difficult to know what to believe. So I am someone who says, let’s go back to the first church started by the apostles and found in the Bible.”

“Why did you come to Belgium?” “I came because I believe God sent me here.” “What do you want to do here?” “My only purpose is to get a Bible to every Flemish person, and to get every Flemish person into the Bible. I would like to study the Bible, God’s word with you and see what it tells us. I am not asking you to believe what I say, but what God says in His word.” “Who is paying you?” “Since God has brought us here to teach His word, we believe He will also provide for us. We have a home church in Canada which looks after about 1/3 of our income, the rest comes from friends and other churches, but we never know how much and from whom, yet every month there is enough. It is just wonderful to see how God meets our needs.” My wife and I have lived “out of God’s hand” for 52 years now and we have never lacked anything. The Lord has not always given us what we wanted, but He has provided for our needs, it is absolutely amazing! How can anyone say that God isn’t real……?! (Go to Musings)

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