Nr.72 ended with: “Mary had at least 7 children. It was very interesting to see the expression on their faces. The next question was about ……the Pope……….! (See Musings).”

I would say the following, “Did you know that Peter, who according to your church was the first Pope, was married?” Again the reaction, “Where does it say that?” I would show them Mark 1:29-31, where it tells us about Jesus healing Peter’s mother in law. And when someone has a mother in law……?! You should have seen the look on their faces! The Pope married? With some, their mouths dropped open and they didn’t know what to say, they were stunned. Don’t forget these people had never heard this before. Very often they would respond with, “What else is in the Bible?” Wow, those are sweet words in the ears of an evangelist and Bible teacher. I would ask whether it would be all right to come to their house the next week to show them things and I suggested that they should invite some relatives and friends who might be interested.

Some times when I arrived at their home, there were 8 people present, sometimes 25. I would give them all a Bible and we would start in Mark’s gospel. I would teach for an hour or hour and a half, have some more coffee, of which there was always plenty and then ask for questions, and there were lots! For example, “What does the Bible say about purgatory?” Or, “Does the Bible really say that Mary had many children?” Some found that very difficult. I would show them Mark 6 again where it mentions Jesus’ brothers and sisters. Some would argue that these were His cousins, so I would show them Matth.1:25, where it says that Joseph did not know Mary, had no intercourse with her, till she had brought forth her first born Son.” This implies that they did have intercourse after and so brothers and sisters were born. Psalm 69:8 says “I have become a stranger to my brothers, and an alien to my mother’s children.” See also verse 9 and John 2:17, these verses apply to Christ.

At times we went on until after midnight. But at sometime the question would come, “Who or what are you anyway……? (Go to Musings).

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