Nr.71 ended with: “But talk about preaching to large groups in Belgium……..!?” (See Musings)

There were no large groups in Belgium to speak to, with a hundred, or even ten people. But I would like to clear up something first. In episode 70 I wrote, “I asked the Lord why in heaven’s name He had brought me to Belgium, it was so difficult there. I was just not the right person for that kind of country and people.” In Dutch it was “For that kind of country and “such” people.” I received a couple comments asking, “Are we such terrible people?” But that is not what I meant, of course not; every nationality has its positive and negative sides. What I meant with “such” people was the fact that they were catholic and that I had never worked with such. I hope this will set things straight. We have really come to love the Belgian people and especially, all our brothers and sisters in Christ, whom we miss very much!

So, because there were no groups to speak to I had to learn to speak on a one to one basis, which wasn’t easy, but I learned, even though it never became easy for me. At the same time our little church started growing and our living room started filling up, especially when the children hadn’t gone to the bedrooms yet for Sunday school. Operation Mobilization was active in Belgium and held open air meetings. They gave us the names of people who seemed to show an interest. We would go and visit these, but how does one get them interested in a Book they had never seen and of which some were afraid because they had been told that it was a Protestant and dangerous book. But people are curious beings and so we followed Jesus’ example and worked on their curiosity. I would ask them, did you know that Jesus had brothers and sister? Quite shocked they would reply, where does it say that? I would show them Mark 6 where it talks about Jesus’ four brothers, and sisters in plural, so that Mary had at least 7 children. It was very interesting to see the expression on their faces. The next question was about ……the Pope……….! (Go to Musings)

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