Nr.57 ended with: “But after four weeks we returned to Canada a bit discouraged as nothing had opened up. We were starting to wonder whether we were on the right track……..!”

After returning home and enjoying being together with our little girls again, Marina and I began to pray like never before. We were so sure we were to go to Europe and yet nothing had opened up, had we been so wrong? We had worked with the Native people in northern Sask. and wondered now whether the Lord wanted us there. So several times a day Marina and I would kneel down at our couch and pray asking the Lord for directions.

On a Thursday evening, after coming home from a meeting I said to Marina, “We can’t go on like this; we need to know what to do.” So I took a sheet of paper and drew a line in the middle from top to bottom and started to list on the left side reasons for staying in Canada and on the right side why we should go to Europe. When I was finished I had 3 points in the left column and 23 in the right. I looked at Marina and said, “What are we praying for, look at this, it is as clear as can be.” The final decision was made; we were now going to start working towards leaving for Europe.

I then asked for a meeting with the elders of WBC. Marina and I had decided that if one of them was not in agreement with us going, that we would not go, but wait for further directions. When I met with the elders and told about our desire and decision, some of them smiled. For a moment I thought they were laughing with me. They must have noticed the look on my face and explained that they smiled because they had been waiting for us to come to them, as they had felt for quite some time already that we were to go to Europe. And they were all in agreement! Praise the Lord. The next Sunday we planned to tell the congregation about this, but driving to church that Sunday morning we had a car accident……! (Go to Musings)

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