Nr.54 ended with: “Some people from Wallenstein Bible Chapel, an Open Brethren Assembly attended. Of course, at that time we did not know what an important part this assembly would have in our future….!”

When our time in Singhampton was up we moved with our three lovely daughters, ages 1½ , 3½ and 5 to a farm house close to Drayton, as we wanted to get to know Wallenstein Bible Chapel, from now on called WBC. We had met a number of the people and elders at some of my meetings. One elder had come to me after a meeting, put his finger on my chest and commented, “You are one of us,” meaning that what I believed and taught was what they believed and taught. One of the first meetings we attended at WBC was a Sunday afternoon baptism service. The place was packed and my wife and I with our three little girls sat on the back row. A number of hymns were sung and then two of the elders came to me and said that the speaker had not come, could I preach? I told them to sing two more hymns and I would go to the back room and ask the Lord for a message. And He did, I spoke on John 6, I will never forget and the Lord gave real liberty. After that everyone knew us.

We really felt welcome and believed that this was the church God wanted us to be part off. Shortly after that, we were received into fellowship, something like membership in other churches. I continued with holding evangelistic meetings and preached at WBC at times. Marina conducted DVBS in the Drayton United Church building. During three weeks of meetings in Clinton, ON, some were saved. One of these was Beryl Gelling, wife of Henk Gelling who would become a Christian a short while later at some meetings in the USA. A brief time later they were baptized in a river, but another brother in Christ preached as I had lost my voice. They would later become our co-workers in Belgium.

At the same time we were starting to sense God’s leading in regards to going to Europe as missionaries. Things were starting to shape up and Holland and Belgium were coming closer……..! (Go to Musings)

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