Nr.53 ended with: “Interesting enough, through our work in Belgium there are now 5 Belgian couples and a single lady missionary in Africa, accomplishing more than I could have ever done by myself!” God’s amazing ways! And then we had an important visitor……!”

It was the field representative of the Missionary Church denomination. Somehow he had heard about me and now came asking whether I would be willing for a time to pastor two of their country churches around Singhampton, Ontario, south of Collingwood. They were waiting for a student to finish seminary in 9 months who would then pastor these churches. We prayed about this and then accepted as we still had no clear guidance in regards to our future missionary work in Europe. The denomination owned a house in Singhampton and we moved in there. We were there until June 1969 and had a wonderful time. On Sunday morning I would speak in one church and then drive to the other and preach there. On Sunday evening we had a service with the two churches together. Marina taught Sunday school and had Bible clubs.

While in Singhampton I held evangelistic meetings in several places. I was asked for a week of meetings in the Missionary church in Palmerston. Some Dutch people from Drayton attended these meetings and became Christians. One man told me that while milking the cows the next day, he just couldn’t stop singing “His name is wonderful.” He was truly converted. Another couple told me just recently that they had been at one of those meetings, when all at once, while I was preaching, the lights went out. Later we heard that a drunk driver had knocked over an electrical pole, cutting the power line. Someone brought me a flashlight and I kept on preaching. This couple had been so amazed as they were used to their ministers reading their sermons. While driving home the husband had said to his wife, either we are Christians or that man is. Later on they discovered that they were not and they accepted the Lord. It was through these Dutch folk that I held several meetings in Drayton. Some people from Wallenstein Bible Chapel, an Open Brethren Assembly attended. Of course, at that time we did not know what an important part this assembly would have in our future….! (Go to Musings)

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