Nr.50 ended with: “What to do, we did not have the money, but we did have the Lord and unknown to us then, another miracle was in the making……!”

We earnestly prayed and asked the Lord to somehow intervene. My farmer friend’s wife had been a head nurse in a hospital and gave Marina some advice. Then after some time I took her back to the doctor in the hospital, who examined her and then asked why she had come to him. He then smiled and said that he was very surprised, everything was fine and no operation was needed. When we got home and told the former nurse what had happened, she could hardly believe it and said that she had never heard of anything like it. Praise the Lord, He had heard and answered our prayer, all praise to Him. Sometime after that, my friend began to press us to stay with him as he really needed me.

However, we had continued to seek the Lord and felt that we needed to go back to the Mission in Ontario. He was quite upset with us, but we knew we had to follow the Lord’s leading. And so, on Sunday December 24, the day before Christmas, after the last bit of cleaning up of the house, and preaching my last message at the church, we left to drive to Marina’s parents arriving there on Christmas eve. Leaving my “friends” place wasn’t very nice, this was now the third time someone try to hold us back from doing God’s will. We stayed with Marina’s parents until after the New Year and then left to drive to Ontario. The first day we drove to Winnipeg, Manitoba, about 800 km. Two little girls on the back seat and Rini, the two months old baby on a pile of diapers in a banana box between us. Every now and then Marina would nurse her while we kept on driving. The second day, to Sault St Marie in Ontario, more than 1300 km. It snowed all the way, and at times quite heavy, but we knew we were moving in God’s will and His protection. Late at night when we were getting closer to the Sault the alternator gave the ghost, the battery started dying and slowly our lights became dimmer and dimmer……..! (Go to Musings)

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