Nr.31 ended with: “About a month later another weekend was planned and a small team of students went with Marina. I was one of them ……………..!”

We drove to a town called Beechy and rented the local theater for $5.-  to hold a Christmas service. We then went visiting homes inviting people. The students had a play, Marina used her accordion to sing Christmas songs, she and I sang a duet and I preached on the meaning of Christmas. We had bought boxes of oranges, apples, nuts and candy for treats. It was a great service and we were very blessed.

On Sunday afternoon we drove to another town and invited people to an evening meeting, Afterwards we were asked to come to a Nurses Residence for coffee, but Marina felt that 2 women and a man wanted to talk. The driver of our car threw his keys at Marina and said, go ahead use the car and go visit them. I offered to go along to talk with the man. Before we went into the house we prayed together in the car, as we usually did. I asked the Lord to use us to touch the hearts of these people, but I also asked that if there was anything between the two of us that should not be there, to please take it away. After I had received Marina’s letter, I had written back and we had started corresponding. In between the two weekends Marina had come to the College to teach about Bible clubs and we had been together to talk about her work and also to practice singing duets. And so slowly something seem to be growing, that’s why I prayed the way I did. We went into the house and had a profitable conversation with these three people. As we drove back to pick up the other students, I asked Marina what was on her mind. She answered, “I wonder whether the Lord is saying that we should be working together.” I grabbed the steering wheel and said “Well, if I ever get a wife, I want someone who loves the Lord like you do.” We drove back to the College with much on our minds…….! (Go to Musings)

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