Nr.13 ended with: “(And don’t forget the calf..!)”

So here I was in a small town of about 100 people, in the middle of the prairies, some 60 km from the closest city, in a Bible College. Now just in case some of you think that a place like that is a dull place and that students do nothing else than study the Bible and pray all day, let me tell you about some other things that go on there. Let’s get back to the calf! One day as we were sitting around the dining room table, the dean of women who was at our table spoke up and said, “It is so quiet here the last while, nothing much is happening. When I was in Bible College some years ago we had fun, playing tricks and things like that.” Well, she should have known better as to say that at that table where I was also sitting. When I got back to my room I told my roommate about this. Immediately we started thinking and wondering what we could do. At night before going to sleep we would lie in bed talking and planning, finally coming up with the idea of getting a calf out of the barn and putting it into the girls’ dormitory. So, one cold winter night at about 1am we went to the barn and carried this calf to the girls’ dorm, getting into it through the door of the furnace room which was not locked. The building had several stories, so we left the calf on the lowest floor and ran out after first setting off the fire alarm so that all the girls would wake up. We sat down outside on the steps of one of the staff’s houses and watched all the lights go on in the dorm. I don’t think I ever laughed so hard in my life. The dean of women, the one who had been at our table, went down to the lowest floor where girls were standing watching the calf and she somehow was able to get the calf up the short stairs to the main floor, into the entrance way, a small hall. She left it there intending to phone someone the next morning to come and get the animal. What she didn’t know, and what we didn’t know either was that the calf was sick and had diarrhea…………! (Go to Musings)

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