Nr.12 ended with: “I am so glad I discovered God is real indeed!!!” Not only did this experience boost my faith in a God who hears and answers prayer, but this provision also confirmed that I was on the right track. And now the great adventure of going to Bible College, studying God’s Word and then preaching it for over 50 years could start, wow! In a way it’s sort of funny, one of the reasons for immigrating to Canada was adventure. Who would have ever thought that going to a Bible College could be part of an adventure? 🙂 At the same time I was going with sort of mixed feelings, I knew this was God’s calling, but I had never enjoyed school and studying, so to start this again ..…? But now God was in it and that made such a difference! I was on my way to discover the beauty and power of God’s Word, and the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I didn’t realize then yet how this would change my life and motivate and enthuse me to serve the living God and preach this wonderful and powerful message, that has truly withstood the test of time. I preached it in Belgium and at conferences in 12 other European countries, as well as in Canada and the US. And again and again I was a witness of the life transforming power of that message! Praise God!

And so, towards the latter part of September, Henry, Martin and I took off in Henry’s VW Beetle, loaded to the brim and started on our way West, driving almost 3.000 km to a very small town in the middle of the prairies of Saskatchewan. The College had a farm next to it from which it was supplied with produce. One cold winter night, my room mate and I went to the barn and took a calf…….., but that’s for later. I was sort of overwhelmed with the vastness of the prairies and the province Saskatchewan. For those in Belgium, your country fits about 21 times in this province. Belgium has 11 million people, so that would mean 231 million people in Saskatchewan. But there are only a little over 1 million there, so you can imagine how much room there is, enough for me to stretch my long legs! (And don’t forget the calf…….!). (Go to Musings)

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