Nr.20 ended with: “Sunday night I went to the principal and told him that I would be leaving the next day, as I was convinced that I was not a real Christian. He prayed with me, but nothing happened and so I went to bed…………!”

Monday morning came. You have no idea how utterly miserable I felt. I examined my heart again and again. What was wrong, what had I done wrong, was there some sin in my life? However, I was so taken up with my feelings, that I had not done any rational thinking, but now it dawned on me, I planned to leave, but where would I go? I didn’t know anyone in this outstretched province. The nearest city was more than 65 km away, and, I had no money! So I went back to class and just sat there. A few days went by sort of feeling numb, but then slowly I became interested again in the studies, they started touching me again, and, to make the story short, by the end of the week my feelings were slowly turning around and I started experiencing the presence of the Lord again.

This was my first experienced of what is sometimes called a “wilderness experience”, or a “dry period.” A Christian looses all at once the sense of the presence of the Lord, he no longer “feels” God. The Bible doesn’t speak to him, prayer seems like talking to a brick wall and everything feels so unreal. Besides that the person often wrestles with guilt feelings and frustration. These periods may last for a few days, weeks or sometimes even longer. Why do these happen? There may be different reasons, but let me suggest just one. Once upon a time there were a father and mother who had an eight year old daughter, Christine …….! (Go to Musings)

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