Nr.197 ended with: “We agreed to meet a certain day, bring all our boxes and pack them into eight large and strong cartons our friend brought. But now, could we get everything into those………?” (See

The day came when everything was ready to be packed and shipped. So we took all our boxes, small and bigger ones to our friend’s warehouse, where we started packing them into his eight cartons. We filled carton after carton, until we came to the last one, and now comes the surprise, the last carton was almost full, we had only one box left, the one with Marina’s accordion, and believe me or not, the accordion went in perfectly and there wasn’t any room left, really unbelievable, no one could have planned it better! Did we get help from above? I am sure!

Finally, Wednesday, the day before leaving on Thursday, October 15, 2009, arrived. We were taking the train from Ghent at 7.10 am, as going to the airport at that hour in the morning is very risky because of traffic jams. Our children Lily and her husband Bart, and Rini went along, as well as our youngest grandchild Hanne. They wanted to see us off at the airport. Bart and Lily were going to pick us up in the morning and drive us to the train station, while Rini went straight from her house. And so came the last night in that wonderful house. We did not have to clean it as our daughters were going to do that after we had left.

To be sure we had a good sleep, Marina and I took a light sleeping pill and went to bed. It was pitch dark in our bedroom as there were blinds over the windows. We must have been sound asleep when all at once I heard the door bell ring. I woke up and wondered who in the world would be there at this time of the night? When I opened the door, there were Bart and Lily with Hanne saying, “Dad, it is 6.45 am, we have to leave right now.” Marina and I had slept in and not heard the alarm. We have never gotten dressed so fast. We just left everything and jumped in the car and in my haste forgetting my wallet. Thinking we would never make it to the station in time, Lily phoned Rini to tell her to ask the station manager to hold the train until we had arrived. Of course, they never do that. But we were “lucky?” There were so many people going with the train that day, that they had to add two carriages. That took a little time, enough for us to get there and get on the train……..! Praise the Lord! And then we started laughing……….! And we still laugh when we think of that……..! (Go to Musings).

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