Nr.191 ended with, “We had no idea that several miracles were about to happen………….!”(See

Marina opened the door and greeted the lady standing there who said that they had heard from our neighbor that our house may be up for sale? Marina was quite surprised and answered her that I was not home, could she come back later? The lady said she would come back with her husband as they were interested in our house. Later on that day they returned, he was the police commissioner for southern Ghent. Their unmarried daughter was also with the police and they were looking to buy a house for her. We showed the whole house, garage and yard and they said they were definitely interested and could come back the next morning to meet our realtor. After they left I phoned him and told him that we had some folk who were interested in our house. When I told him their name, he laughed and said not to expect much, as he had shown them a number of houses already and every time they were interested, but then changed their minds.

The next morning the couple returned and also the realtor. He went through the whole house with them, left them upstairs, came down to us and asked us again how much we wanted for the house. I told him that he knew that already and that we were sticking to that price. He frowned and went back upstairs, and a little later the three of them came down with a smile on their faces, yes, they wanted the house and agreed to the price, unbelievable! Not only that, but I had a list of some 23 things that needed to be done to the house before we could sell it. The policeman told us not to do anything whatsoever, as they themselves would fix up the house the way they wanted it. He had also studied to be an architect and loved to fix up old buildings. What a relief, as I was quite worried about all the work that needed to be done and how I would get it all done.Talk about a miracle, the realtor was so impressed that he and his wife took us out for a very expensive dinner and we had a great opportunity to witness to them.

Miracle number two: together with the buyers we went to a lawyer to get all the legal paperwork done. She was a very nice and friendly lady who had a young man, her secretary present too. She had a list of fourteen things that needed to be looked into and checked. I was asked about mortgages and I answered that we didn’t have any. She looked surprised and asked how we were able to buy the house. When I told her what had happened, she was absolutely amazed………..! (Go to Musings).


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