Nr.189 ended with, “We arrived at the large hotel where the conference was held and the organizers showed us a quiet room at the end of the hallway, at least they thought it was quiet! We arrived quite late and went straight to bed, but then……..! (See

All of a sudden there was a tremendous noise from below us, musical instruments and loud singing and shouting. What we didn’t know, and I don’t think the organizer knew either, was, that there was another floor below us with a ballroom. The noise was so overwhelming that Marina’s heart started acting up. I left our room to see what was going on and discovered that a group of handicapped young people were there to make music, dance and have a ball. The rock and roll music was very, very loud and it came right up into our room. I’ll let Marina tell you in her own words how she felt, “It started with the feeling of a train’s wheels going through my body, starting at the stomach through the heart and ending up in my throat. I tried to sing and pray, but it kept on and on. We read in the Bible, “The troubles of my heart are enlarged, O Lord, bring me out of my distress”, this was my inner cry. Richard prayed with me, and finally the music and noise stopped and there was blessed quietness.”

I went looking in the hallway for some help, but it was late and everyone was asleep, besides, we didn’t know where “our” people were as there were other guests in the hotel too. And since I do not speak French, I didn’t want to talk to someone at the desk. It took quite some time yet for Marina’s heart to be at ease and beat normal again. We did sleep for some hours, but were up early and decided to go home as we felt the busyness of the meetings, meals and discussions would be too much for Marina, who needed quietness. We arrived home and called our cardiologist and had an appointment made. He had Marina do a stress test and he said everything seemed to be all right, but Marina knew it wasn’t.

A week or so later Marina was not feeling good again and we returned to the cardiologist who put a monitor on her for a week. The day after we returned it, he called and asked me to come and see him as soon as possible. In his office he told me that they had found something irregular and gave me some special medication for Marina and also told me that if anything abnormal were to happen, to go to emergency immediately. Saturday night at 11.45 pm Marina felt miserable again and I took her blood pressure which was 83/33 (normal = 120/80) and her pulse 22 (normal = 70)……………! (Go to Musings).


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