Nr.167 ended with: “ In 1987 we returned to Canada, this time for quite an extended, and also a difficult and trying period, when our faith was severely tested, but more about that next time………! (See

The last time we were in Canada was in 1983, now we returned there for furlough, also called ‘home assignment’, in July ’87. But this time it was different as our oldest daughter Rosa was not well at all. She was so weak, she was not able to function normally. When she was at Capernwray Bible School in southern Germany, she had picked up mononucleosis (mono). Because it was not treated right, it turned into something else. Here are Rosa’s own words: “I was finally after 8 years going to doctors in Belgium, Germany, Holland and here diagnosed with M.E. (Myalgic Encephalopathy, not CFS. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). ( But for some people that’s similar, extreme debilitating CFS.) See,

All types of people at all ages are affected. Severe and debilitating fatigue, painful muscles and joints, disordered sleep, gastric disturbances, poor memory and concentration are commonplace. In many cases, onset is linked to a viral infection, like mononucleosis. Other triggers may include an operation or an accident, although some people experience a slow, insidious onset.

ME/CFS has attracted more than its fair share of controversy. Initially, and for many years, there was a debate as to whether it was actually an illness at all. Although the situation is still not perfect, many influential bodies, (The World Health Organization, the Department of Social Security, the Department of Health, the Royal Colleges of Physicians, Psychiatrists and General Practitioners among them) are now in agreement that it is real.

About 30 years ago when we were here, Rosa had not been diagnosed yet with M.E. and there was much confusion as to what ailed her. It was an extremely difficult time, as we sought help, even going down to a Christian psychiatrist in the US, but not getting any help. I went to see a doctor in the London area who had the illness himself, but he was not able to help us either. And so we rented an apartment in Elmira and stayed with Rosa as we did not feel right to just leave her. But it was hard to not be in Belgium where the Lord had called us, so we kept on praying and seeking His will.

At the same time the Lord opened up all kinds of opportunities and ways of ministry, such as helping to start a new church here in Canada. He is faithful and blessed us wonderfully, in spite of the difficult circumstances. More about His guidance and blessings next time……….! (Go to Musings).


One thought on “MUSINGS OF AN “OLDER” MAN”. Nr.168.

  1. Donna Turner

    I remember this time so well for you guys!! Something that marked all of us at the Conference in Europe. We were praying!! How is Rosa now by the way?

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