Due to the Marina’s cancer surgery and slow recovery, and the extra care that comes with it, plus my own tiredness, this is going to be a shorter edition. Trust you understand.

We will now go on with where we left off in nr.162, where I talked about the different workers being added to the work by the Lord. I will be saying more about that later as there were others added yet and some changes happened also.

However, the original purpose of “Musings” was not so much to write a story about the work, but rather about our personal lives, which of course includes the work. It is “our” story, our witness to how we experienced the reality of the living God, His presence, His guidance, His provisions, His protection, His faithfulness and His blessings.

I’m going to have to go a little faster or we will never get done with this story. In 1983 we had been in Canada visiting relatives, friends, our home church and a number of other churches. It was always so encouraging to meet each other and rejoice together in what the Lord was doing through their prayers and support. But now in ’84 we were back to the battle in Belgium and in the next three or four years all kinds of things happened. There was much to be done, both in evangelism and training of leaders and teachers. The churches were growing, what a joy, but not always without pain, as is usually the case with growth.

Our daughters were growing too. Rosa, the oldest had gone to Capernwray Bible School in Germany and in England. In ’84 our second daughter Lily attended the school in Germany and in ’85, our third one, Renee went to Capernwray both in Germany and England. It was quite costly, but we felt it to be worthwhile to give our girls a good foundation before they went into the world.

In 1987 we returned to Canada, this time for quite an extended, and also a difficult and trying period, when our faith was severely tested, but more about that next time………! (Go to Musings).

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