MUSINGS OF AN “OLDER” MAN. Nr.163. (Extra edition)


Nr.162 ended with: “……… we experienced the reality of the living God, His presence, His guidance, His provisions, His protection, His faithfulness and His blessings and we’ll come back to that the next time…………….!” (See

This doesn’t mean that God always saves us from difficulties, trials and troubles, but He does help us through them. Please forgive me for making a big leap to the present, 12-18-2015. Four weeks ago our doctor, after discovering that Marina was losing blood, ordered a colonoscopy. It was quite a trial for Marina, especially the preparation for this, having to drink some stuff to clear out the intestines. The next day we went up to the fourth floor of the hospital for the colonoscopy. The nurses told me to go down to the main floor and wait there, they would bring Marina down when she was finished.

But she didn’t come, instead a man came and told me that I was to come upstairs, the doctor wanted to see me. He showed me pictures of a few bleeding tumors in the colon. He had taken a biopsy and it usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to get the results. He said “We will rush it and have the results within one week.” Those results were not good, the tumors were cancerous. A number of other tests were done, doctors visits, hospital visits, etc. The conclusion: Marina would need surgery. A date was set, December 16.

The surgery was successful, praise God. But when I left her after she had come out of recovery, she felt and looked like a wreck, and I drove home quite concerned. But this morning she phoned me and talked cheerfully with a clear voice. When I got there in the afternoon she was sitting up in bed with a big smile on her face. A bit later a nurse came and took her for a walk. For me, this was a miracle. With her weak heart and in her weak condition and then  such an operation, and here she was laughing and walking around already the next day, amazing, praise God! However, we realize that she is not out of the woods yet, and no doubt, there will be some difficult days.

Something amusing happened. This morning I called the hospital early to see how she was. A voice said, “With Marina.” I was shocked and said, “Is that you Marina.” “Yes” came the answer. I said, “Oh, how are you honey?” It was quiet for a moment, and then, “I am not your wife sir, I am the nurse, my name is also Marina, but I don’t mind being called honey.” We had a good laugh!……………….. 🙂 (Go to Musings).


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