Nr.160 ended with: “We were back in Belgium end 1983 and continued to witness the work of God’s Holy Spirit in the lives of people, and the growth of His church, exciting indeed…………!” (See

From the first of January 1984 we were back in full swing and things were still really moving. In the next 10 years another 10 or so churches would be started and a number of workers would be added. Besides evangelistic Bible studies in homes, there was the work with the churches, the training of teachers and leaders. Conferences were held, regular baptisms, summer camps in full swing, youth weekends, and a once a month Saturday Bible school was started in two places, in Beerse for the people from around there and from Limburg, and the other in Ghent for the people from the Antwerp, East and West Flanders regions. Some 175 people took part. We went through most of the Bible books, as well as church history and other subjects. Many were blessed and grew in their faith and Christian life.

You know dear reader, I follow the news every day, as I want to know what’s going on in the world, but I get so tired of all the bad news that’s brought to us while we don’t realize that there are so many good things happening all over the world. When I think back now to those years in Belgium, people being saved, lives being transformed, broken relationships and marriages restored and so many other wonderful things happening in the lives of people, I praise the Lord.

And even today in 2015, while there is so much evil in the world, there are so many good things going on. At least 80.000 people are becoming Christians every day, while atheism is losing 300 people a day. Never have there been so many Christians in the world as right now. 3.500 new churches are being started every week all over the world. Not only that, but so many positive things are being done by Christians everywhere, in needy places, like prisons, hospitals, orphanages, halfway houses and so on. So many Christian organizations are sending help to people in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and other places. $545 billion dollars are given to Christian causes every year, that is $1.5 billion a day. More than 71 million Bibles will be distributed this year. But these things don’t make headlines in our newspapers or on TV, yet they are happening, praise God. Oh yes, dear friends, we are on the winning side, our Lord Jesus Christ will ultimately triumph over all evil and I’m excited about that, hallelujah…………….! I hope you are with us?! (Go to Musings).

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