Water into wine.


According to the gospel of John, the first miracle Jesus performed was turning water into wine. Many people are familiar with the story of the wedding at Cana. I just read this last week again and every time I read it I have to smile. You see, in the Psalms we read that God has made wine to make glad the heart of men, amazing. The very first miracle Jesus does is making something to make people happy. The reason I smile every time I read this is likely because I grew up with the idea that believing in God meant always having a serious face and no fun whatsoever.

I’m not advocating drinking alcohol, to the contrary, look what terrible things happen as a result of too much wine. God made wine to make us happy, not dangerous.

I want to focus on WHEN the miracle took place, it was when the servants obeyed the Lord. Isn’t that the secret to seeing miracles happen, plain and instant obedience?

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