Nr.151 ended with: “Yes, God Himself was at work, just wait, there is more to come, and looking back, I just thank God that we were allowed to be part of His wonderful working…………….!” (See

There was real progress. New home Bible studies were started, I hardly knew where to go first or last. The man who had said, “you’ll never see me again” opened up his home for a study, amazing, isn’t? One night about 20 or so sat around the large table and this man’s brother attended for the first time. As he sat down I put a Bible in front of him on the table. He moved his chair back as though I had put something dangerous there. He pulled up to the table again, looked at the Bible, finally picked it up, turned it around in his hands, looked at all sides of it and said, “is this the Bible, the real one, because there are many Bibles, aren’t there?” And he continued, “isn’t this something, this is the first time in my life that I see a Bible.” Unbelievable! Here is a fine gentleman about 35 years old, living in a “Christian” country, having gone to church all his life and never seen a Bible. How is it possible? He became a Christian and a leader in the church, amazing!

I usually gave a study of at least 1½ hours, after which we had coffee and then question time started. What does the Bible say about the Pope? Is he really infallible? What about praying to mother Mary and to the saints? What about purgatory? What about the mass? And so on it went, like having another Bible study. We would go from one text to another and they were often so amazed at what the Bible taught. This would go on until 12 or even 1 o’clock at night, some would go home earlier, but others would stay asking questions, what exciting times indeed. Many became true born again Christians and then on a Sunday afternoon we would all go to Beerse to have a baptism. One couple knew they should get baptized but were hesitant and took their camper and drove south to France for a camping weekend, but the camper broke down and they returned home and were baptized the next day, praise the Lord. God’s Spirit was moving and every week some were saved. The words of Psalm 118:23 come to mind, “This was the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.” But, ……….. there were problems too…………….! (Go to Musings).

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