Nr.148 ended with: “I get tears in my eyes when I think back to it, I sensed God’s presence. And much would be happening yet, within 5 years there would be 5 churches in West Flanders with many, many new Christians and it all began in this living room, unbelievable. Too bad I have to stop now, I’ll tell you about it next time………!” (See

Before I left I told Tony and Christiane that they needed Bible study and I offered to come once a week to explain the Bible to them, which they agreed upon. But there was one condition, I told Tony that he had to invite all his brothers and sisters to come. He was the youngest of a family of eight. He laughed out loud and said that none of them would come, “they are all praying for me to come back to the Catholic church”, he said, as he did not go anymore and had quite a reputation. I left with the agreement that the relatives would be invited and I drove home wondering what was going to happen.

We had set a date and when I arrived that evening there were eight, either brothers and sisters or their partners. I was told some time later that they had come because of the tremendous change in Tony’s life, they could hardly believe that he had changed in such a way and it aroused their curiosity and so they came to see what had caused this transformation. I introduced myself and gave each one a Bible. For most, if not all of them, this was the first time they held a Bible. I took them through part of chapter one of John’s gospel and then asked whether they had any questions. It was quiet for a bit and then one of them said, “This is quite something, we have never had the Bible explained this way.” One of Tony’s brother’s in law said, “This is against the Catholic church, you’ll never see me again.” And he didn’t come back until some months later and he is now an elder in one of the churches, amazing! The funny thing was that I had not said one word about the church, hadn’t even mentioned it.

We had a bit of a discussion, not too long as most needed time to digest what they had heard that evening. I closed with prayer and then made a suggestion. I said, “What if I come for four weeks in a row and teach you the Bible, after which you can decide what to do, to go on, or, if you don’t agree with what I bring, to stop and you will never see me again. They agreed to have me come four evenings. I drove home wondering who would be there the next week………..! (Go to Musings).

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