Nr.143 ended with: “Are you part of a church with such a vision? If not, talk to your church leaders and encourage them in this. Wonderful things can then happen, as we saw in Limburg………!” (See

Yes, let’s get back to Limburg now for there were some interesting developments. As there was real growth in East Flanders, the same was true in Limburg. I still went there quite regularly, and also to Beerse, as our good friends and co-workers Martin and Marjorie Luesink felt led to go back to Canada, where Martin looked after Henk Gelling’s farm for a year and then moved to Regina, Sask. Marjorie felt responsible to look after her mother who was not well. Martin worked for the Canadian Bible College there. They raised five children of which the older one is serving the Lord in Greece with her husband. The youngest daughter is a pastor’s wife in Alberta. But of course, their leaving Belgium meant extra work for me in Beerse. I will come back to this at a later date.

The Gelling’s returned to Canada in 1978 after they had finished their period of three years, to which they had committed themselves. But because the church in Koersel was still quite young and small, the Gelling’s, together with the elders of their assembly, decided to go back to Belgium for another three years. By 1980 they realized that they would be staying in Belgium a lot longer and decided to go to Canada and sell the farm. I remember Henk saying something like this, “What are chickens compared to the eternal souls of people?” In July of 1981 they returned to Belgium and to this day, July 30, 2015, they are still there, praise the Lord. I have an awful lot of respect for them, making such a sacrifice and we thanked God then and continue to thank Him now for them and their ministry.

As the work in East Flanders grew, so also in Limburg. During this time another couple, John and Marga den Boer from the Netherlands, who were working with the Belgian Gospel Mission, decided to join forces with us. They were instrumental in starting three small churches, two of which later on merged so that there are now two still functioning. In 1996 they went back to work with the Belgian Gospel Mission and are still with them up to this day.

Until now the workers had come from outside of Belgium, but now God had something else in mind! Exciting…………..!
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