Nr.109 ended with: “Soon we would be in Limburg, trusting the Lord to start our third church……!” (See

Yes, a third church and we had only been in Belgium three years. The church in Antwerp was doing well and so was the much smaller one in Beerse. We sensed the moving of God’s Spirit. We did not have to do any evangelism, like going from door to door or holding campaigns. I would begin a home Bible study with a small group. People were totally ignorant of the Bible as none of them had ever had one and they were so surprised at what they found. They would look at me with their eyes, and sometimes also their mouths (:-) wide open as I told them that I was sure that I would go to heaven when I died. They had never heard anyone say that before. And of course, they would question me about that, “are you better than we are?” Or, “have you done so many good works?”

And oh, the joy of then explaining the gospel and telling them that I was no better than anyone else, that I was as big a sinner as they were, but that Jesus died and paid for my sin on the cross and called out “It is finished”, it is paid for, the work is done. And that God said that if we acknowledge our sins and turn to Him and accept what Jesus has done, we will be saved. Again, what a joy to see the startling expression on their faces, they could hardly believe this, but some did quite soon and experienced the new birth and of course, couldn’t keep quiet about this. Their walk and talk changed which, of course, drew the attention of others, who became curious and sometimes came along to the next study. It was just wonderful to experience the moving of God’s Spirit. We had not really wanted to go to Belgium, Marina had her eyes on Africa and I didn’t want to go back to crowded Europe, but now we thanked God over and over again for having sent us here and being part of this wonderful work and this was only the beginning……..! (Go to Musings).

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