Nr.104 ended with: “And then, sometime later, we received a phone call……!” (See

Our three daughters were attending a Catholic school in Beerse and went there on the bikes we had bought them and with which they were so happy. Their teachers were nuns. Our youngest one, Rini (Renee) was 6 years old and came home one day a bit upset because the nun had told her that babies should be baptized, and Rini hadn’t been. I told her to take her Bible to school and ask her teacher to show her where it says that babies should be baptized. She came home that afternoon with a smile on her face saying, “The nun couldn’t find it in the Bible.” Sometime later she came home saying the nun had told her that children who were six years old should do their first communion. Again I told her to take her Bible to the teacher. When she came home I asked her about it, and again she told us that the nun had not been able to find it in the Bible. It was a good lesson for our young daughter.

And then we received this phone call. It was from Leen in Limburg, the lady who had accepted the Lord the night that I was with her and her husband and their friends. She and some others knew about our thoughts of maybe moving to Limburg and now she called us and said, “Richard, you need to come, we have found a house for you.” We were very surprised as we had told the Lord that He would have to find us a place, we would not look for it ourselves. So we drove to Limburg and Leen took us to Koersel, a town not far from where she lived. She introduced us to the brother of the owner who showed us the place that was for rent. It was a large house with a big living room, good for Bible studies and behind the house a large garage and built onto that, a large hall which had been used as a sowing workshop. It was just perfect; we could hardly have found a better place. But then we heard who the owner was whom we had to see…….! (Go to Musings).

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