Nr.96 ended with: “But some strange things also happened at times at those baptisms……..! (See

I’m fast forwarding for a moment. When these baptisms took place, the strangest stories were told by some of the town’s people. I heard that it was going around that we were baptizing people naked behind a sheet that was being held up. Imagine! Well, I can assure you, that, of course, never happened. The closest we ever came to that was when someone had forgotten to tell a young man who recently had become a Christian what to wear when baptized. We did not use special gowns but told folk that they were saved in plain clothes and that we would baptize them in plain clothes. But someone had slipped up, and imagine my surprise when this young man came out of the dressing room in his swimming trunks. I looked at my co-worker with a question mark all over my face, but he was in the water already being baptized. I’m quite sure the angels in heaven smiled.

Another time, an elderly man who had been gloriously saved after leaving the RC Church totally disillusioned, came to be baptized. And again, someone had not instructed him and he came out of the dressing room in beautiful striped pajamas! No problem, again, I believe, the angels smiled, rejoicing in the fact that an old sinner had been saved and was being obedient to the Lord. But when he started coming up out of the water, I noticed that the elastic in his pajama pants was not really tight enough and I saw his wet pants slowly going down. I jumped over and grabbed him with one hand and his pants with my other and everything was fine, we all rejoiced. Oh those baptisms were wonderful times. The most we ever baptized in one afternoon was 34, praise the Lord. They were feasts, with buns and coffee afterwards, and what a “buzzing”, just as I had been told. We believe that the Bible teaches that baptism is a picture of us being buried with Christ and resurrected to new life, and that immersion is the best picture of this. You may not see it that way, that’s o.k. We have our convictions and respect others who have different views. (Go to Musings).

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