Nr.78 ended with: “We continued to really pray for him and asked the Lord to deal with him. One Saturday evening he phoned and with a trembling voice asked me to come over right away, which I did.………..!” (See

He let me in and I noticed his face being very white. He told me right away that he had two car accidents that day. In the morning he had rolled his car which was a total wreck and in the late afternoon he had crashed another car. Amazingly he did not get hurt, unbelievable! But it had scared him to death, as it could have been deadly. He was now ready to give his life to God and accept the Lord Jesus, wonderful! Sometimes God uses drastic measures to bring people to their knees and draw them to Himself.

What happened after people became Christians? It was wonderful to work with young converts, who knew nothing about the Bible. After they accepted the Lord they would ask, “What do we do now?” I would tell them to read the book of Acts and see what the new Christians did in the days of the apostles. The next time we met I would ask them what they had found. Often with a sort of sheepish look on their face they would answer, “They got baptized.” I would smile and answer, “Well, what are you waiting for?” And so a baptism service would be planned. Their willingness to obey the Lord showed that they were truly converted. Seeing we believe the Bible teaches baptism by immersion, and we did not have a tank in our building, we went to other churches and even a private swimming pool.

One time we went with quite a group to Brussels to have a baptism in a French speaking assembly. While here in North America people who are friends or family will often hug each other when they meet, in some European countries they kiss each other. So also in Belgium and a person gives and gets three kisses, first on the one cheek, then on the other and then again on the first. At the entrance of this assembly stood a nice looking young lady who greeted every one who came in,……………………! (Go to Musings)

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