Nr.77 ended with: “Time and again the Lord provided, sometimes in little, other times in big things, absolutely amazing! Do you think there is a God……..?”

In episode 75 I wrote this, “But there was something else that amazed us, even more than God’s provisions, and that was the change we saw in the people that became Christians.” I would just love to give you example after example of dear people who accepted the Lord and were born again, but space does not permit; besides I might miss some folk and they may wonder why I left them out. So without using names, I will just mention some.

We came in contact with a family with four children. The mother was very interested and had been listening to the Evangelical TV Broadcast from Holland and I believe through it she accepted the Lord. We were invited to her home and a little later a Bible study was started there with 7 or 8 people, of which two couples were neighbors. The lady of the house who had accepted the Lord also started coming to our Sunday meetings, bringing her children along. Her husband had no real interest and was taken up with sports on Sunday mornings, but he did attend the home Bible study. One night I was teaching about the need to be born again. He laughed and said, “If I ever get born again, it will have to be cesarean”, which made all of us laugh.

However, after quite some time he did accept the Lord and even started coming on Sunday morning. Much later he became an elder in the Antwerp church and was a godly leader. He and his wife were also very much involved in our camp work. It was wonderful to see God’s work in their lives, not only becoming true Christians but really growing in the Lord and becoming such instruments in His hands. A couple of the neighbors also became Christians, but one man just kept resisting. We continued to really pray for him and asked the Lord to deal with him. One Saturday evening he phoned me and with a trembling voice asked me to come over right away, which I did.………..! (Go to Musings)

3 thoughts on “MUSINGS OF AN “OLDER” MAN. Nr.78

  1. Peggy

    ……you did! Another ‘cliff hanger’, and 7 more days before finding out the results of that call. Patience is a virtue? OK. 🙂

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