Nr.76 ended with: “Now just think, what would have happened had I not been home that evening?! Someone had kept me at home………….!” (See

Marina slowly regained strength and the small assembly grew. However, there was a problem; many people in those days did not have cars yet. Quite a few were living at some distance from our meeting place and had to be picked up. But our car, as most others, was quite small and could not hold very many. Several families had quite a number of children, and so we would have to drive twice or have two cars go to pick them up. Marina and I started asking the Lord to provide for a Volkswagen bus so that we could take more people in one time. Of course we did not have the money for that. We had our car as a trade in, we also had some money saved, but we were a $1.000.00 short, which was a lot of money in 1972, more like $5,000.00 today.

We kept on praying and received the assurance that the Lord would provide in some way. So I went to the garage and by faith ordered the bus. It would take about two weeks before we could get it. A whole week went by, but nothing happened. One week before having to pick up the bus, we received a letter from good friends in Canada. They had a bad car accident, but the insurance covered it all, plus some. They did not really need all the money and when the husband came home from work that day, he said to his wife, “It was put on my heart today to send money to Richard and Marina.” His wife replied that she had felt the same way. They knew nothing about our need and our prayers to God for help. Enclosed with the letter was a cheque for $1,000.00. Amazing! We praised the Lord and thanked Him for His undertaking and for the fact that He had put it on the hearts of our friends to send us this money just at the right moment! Time and again the Lord provided, sometimes in little, other times in big things, absolutely amazing! Do you think there is a God……..? (See Musings)

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