Nr.56 ended with: “We continued to trust the Lord for all our needs and did not make those needs known. We had enough to live on but nothing extra and so when our three little girls asked for tricycles, we prayed. A few days later we received a phone call ……!”

I picked up the phone and a woman’s voice asked how we were and whether we could use a tricycle. Surprised I answered, “I think so!” She then asked whether I could come over. When I got there, she took me into the garage and there, amazingly stood three used tricycles, unbelievable! I asked how much they would cost and she answered that they were free. I took them home, not showing them to our girls until I had bought some paint and given them a fresh paint job after which they looked like new. You should have seen our girls, what an excitement! We thanked the Lord together and off they went, leaving us with tears in our eyes! Again we had experienced that our God is interested in small things, what a wonderful heavenly Father we have.

While continuing to minister in the area in different ways, holding evangelistic meetings, home Bible studies, some with Dutch people and preaching in assemblies, the burden on our hearts for Europe continued to grow. At every prayer meeting at WBC we would ask to pray for Europe. Finally we decided to make a trip to Holland to “spy out the land” and see whether and where the Lord would open a door. So after leaving the girls with good friends, Marina and I flew to the country I had left more than 12 years before. It was great to see my family and have them meet Marina. My younger brother and his wife had a Volkswagen Beetle and they drove us all over Holland, visiting family, churches and special meetings, while all the while we were praying and looking to the Lord to open a door for us. But after four weeks we returned to Canada a bit discouraged as nothing had opened up. We were starting to wonder whether we were on the right track……..! (Go to Musings)

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