Nr.52 ended with: “We both knew very well where the Lord wanted us, but the time wasn’t yet ready and the details not clear. So we packed up and left…….!”

But where to go? We had been in contact with friends around Harriston, the area where I had become a Christian. The farmer and his wife I had worked for had both died and his brothers were working the land, but the house was not being used. I talked to them and they told us that we could use the house rent free, which we saw as a real provision from the Lord. I did some work for them and I also did some other odd jobs like house painting to support our little family. But as mentioned above, we knew where the Lord wanted us, but we were still waiting for clear guidance as to the details. While in Bible College I had a very strong impression, the words came to me in a flash and really hit me, “The time will come that you will have Bible studies in the homes of people all over the country.” I assumed that that country would be The Netherlands as I had been quite burdened for my home country.

Marina had a similar experience while attending the Child Evangelism Institute in Holland, Michigan, USA. I’ll let her tell it in her own words, “One day a Child Evangelism missionary who worked in Belgium spoke to us students about the great need in that country. She said that for every missionary in Belgium, there were 200 in the Belgian Congo. I was really touched by that report and the need in Belgium. That night the Lord spoke to me in a dream and while He raised a judge’s hammer above me, with which I thought he was going hit me on the head, He said, “See where I want you to go, to Belgium.” This came as a real shock to me, as I had always wanted to go to Africa. However the Lord had other plans. Interesting enough, through our work in Belgium there are now 5 Belgian couples and a single lady missionaries in Africa, accomplishing more than I could have ever done by myself!” God’s amazing ways! And then we had an important visitor……! (Go to Musings)


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