Nr.51 ended with: “Late at night when we were getting closer to the Sault the alternator gave the ghost, the battery started dying and slowly our lights became dimmer and dimmer……..!

We were able to drive into the city thanks to the street lights. When we got to a motel our battery had died completely and we had no car lights at all. We quickly went to bed, dead tired from the long drive and wondering how we would get the car started the next morning. I got up quite early and after prayer got into the car. As I turned the key in the ignition the motor turned over just once and started, unbelievable. I thanked the Lord, drove to a garage where they put in a new alternator and charged the battery enough to get us on our way. We left right away and drove the last 900 km without problems arriving late at night in the little mission house, where we had stayed before. While there, we ministered in the small mission church, did a lot of reading and studying and had many discussions with Mission’s representative about missions and church planting. I learned a lot from him, as the Mission had been very active and successful in starting new churches in Mexico and some South American countries.

Yet at the same time Marina and I began to feel an inner uneasiness about working with this Mission organization. There were a few things we did not agree with, but that was not really it,  it was something else, which at the time we didn’t understand, but which would become clear later on. One evening we were reading the Bible together and a verse stood out to both of us, Deut.1:6b and 7a, “You have dwelt long enough at this mountain…..turn and take your journey.” The next morning the Mission’s representative came to us and apologetically said that we could no longer stay in the house as a missionary couple from South America was coming back and needed the place. There were the three guide posts again, the inner voice of the Spirit, the word of God and the circumstances. We both knew very well where the Lord wanted us, but the time wasn’t yet ready and the details not clear. So we packed up and left…….! (Go to Musings)


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