The last time I wrote about Moses’ instructions, written 3,500 years ago, regarding quarantine and toilets, and how these helped stop the Black Death, or the Plague in Europe during the Middle Ages. In other words, the Bible was 3,500 years ahead of modern science, AMAZING. But that’s not all, listen to what else Moses wrote, for example in Genesis 17:12, where God says to Abraham, “He who is eight days old among you shall be circumcised, every male child in your generations.” This circumcision was so important that even when the 8th day would be on a Sabbath, the boy still had to be circumcised. Why the emphasis on the 8th day? Modern science has discovered that babies during the first few days have very little prothrombin, and vitamin K is almost completely absent, these are the very important blood clotting elements. The prothrombin present in the first few days is a leftover from the mother and by the third days has gone down to 30% of normal. But then from the third day on the amount of pro-thrombin shoots up to 110 % on the 8th day, after which it goes down to 100% where it stays the rest of its life. Prothrombin needs vitamin K to be effective. In other words, on the 8th day, the baby has more prothrombin than at any other time in its life, so that the 8th day is the safest day and bleeding will be stopped much sooner. AMAZING. Where did Moses get this? Some might say, from the Egyptians, as he was brought up in the royal courts of Egypt. It is true that their anatomical knowledge was amazing but the cause of an illness and the treatment of it was completely unknown. The oddest and most repulsive drugs were recommended, for example, cat poo, the intestines of a goose, the eyes of a pig and other strange things. How to heal an open wound? Allow the wound to mature by applying cow fat or meat. Thereafter, human feces ground in brewer’s yeast, oil, and honey, and apply this as a paste. (C.P. Bryan: Ancient Egyptian Medicine. The Papyrus Ebers, Ares Publishers, Chicago, IL. 1930, page 73)

How different Moses’ instructions. Absolutely AMAZING. Where did he get it? I believe there is only one reasonable answer, he received it from God Almighty, who is the only one who knew this. Praise God.

the bible and medical science, 2



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