Nr.188 ended with, “Thinking I had another heart attack, she (Marina) jumped up and cried out, “My husband is dead………..!” (See

No, I wasn’t dead. After a few moments I opened my eyes, lifted up my head and saw a lot of people standing around me. I asked, “Was I away for a bit?” They nodded their heads. I felt very weak and was trembling. Someone brought a glass of water and I slowly got to my feet, shaking quite a bit. Most of the people had gone downstairs for coffee and after a bit I went down too, with someone helping me. I realized that I wasn’t up to preaching and the folk told me to go to the hospital and get checked. I was still feeling pretty miserable, and so, Marina and I drove to the hospital in Listowel where a doctor examined me, concluding that it had not been a heart attack, I had fainted, likely due to overtiredness and the warm weather. The last 6 weeks had been very busy, first in Belgium getting everything arranged for the time we would be away. Then coming to Canada, and after settling in, having our 40th wedding feast with our family and Marina’s relatives living in Ontario. Our assembly also had a come and go tea for friends and others. The doctor had wanted to keep me in the hospital overnight, but I refused. Marina drove us home where I went to bed.

The next day I still felt very weak and tired and we realized that it was not possible to make the long trip out West now. So we phoned and emailed all our contacts and new dates were set. We were able to stay in a house in Gorrie, On. belonging to missionaries who were on the mission field right then. It was a very quiet place and we were able to get rested up and after I got my strength back, we started out for the West. We had a good trip, wonderful meetings and great times with family and friends. We returned to Elmira and after spending time with Rosa we flew back to Belgium.

We continued to help the assembly in Mariakerke, Ghent, while I also gave Bible studies and messages in other churches. Time was spent in meeting with men who were or would become elders in the churches. Marina was on the phone a lot encouraging people and she also spent much time writing cards and letters. Towards the end of August 2004, we drove to France to attend the yearly Foreign Workers Conference. We arrived at the large hotel where the conference was held and the organizers showed us a quiet room at the end of the hallway, at least they thought it was quiet! We arrived quite late and went straight to bed, but then…………..! (Go to Musings).

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