Nr.183 ended with, “Jesus was building His church in Belgium, step by step, and that, right then, without me, wonderful………..!” (See

The Lord had added several new workers to our team. In 1990, Rosario and Anita Anastasi became very active in Limburg. In 1991, Eric and Lut Rutten came from Limburg to help in West Flanders, doing a great work, teaching Bible studies, preaching and counseling. Eric Schrapen and his wife joined us in 1992 for 5 years, being active in evangelism and teaching mainly in Limburg. And more would follow later. We were very thankful for all these, especially after my two heart attacks and back operation, as I noticed that I did not have the same energy as before. It took quite some time to get some strength back.

That fall, of ’94, a small group of believers left the assembly in the south of Ghent over doctrinal differences, it was very painful as those folk were very dear to us. But these things happen, even two great apostles, Paul and Barnabas differed on something and went their separate ways.

It was so good to have Pete and Joanna Gifford working with us in Ghent. They were mainly involved in the Gentbrugge assembly, while Marina and I were helping in the Mariakerke church. Pete was very active in youth work, youth weekends and camp work too. Marina was also for many years very much involved in camp work, both in the children’s camp as well as the youth camps. Of course, her accordion always went along and not only did she often play for the singing, but some of the children and youth used to enjoy playing with it too.

In 1996 we went back to Canada for a home assignment from April until July. It was wonderful to see Rosa again after almost 3 years, and also spent time with our home church and other supporting churches and friends. It was always so good to be able to tell them what the Lord was doing in Belgium through their prayers and financial help, so encouraging for them.

Some time ago I wrote the following, “The original purpose of “Musings” was not so much to write a story about the work, but rather about our personal lives, which of course includes the work. It is “our” story on how we experienced the reality of the living God, His presence, His guidance, His provisions, His protection, His faithfulness and His blessings.” We are at nr.184 now and I am thinking of stopping at nr.200. So I will tell you yet about some of the high lights of the following years and how the Lord led us, saved Marina and provided for us, very interesting, just wait………………..!


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