Nr.176 ended with, “The next day a woman, a relative who was counseling Rosa, called them and asked whether they would be willing to look after a young woman for two weeks while her parents went out West. Burt asked where that would be, she answered, in Elmira, downtown….!”

Yes, God is real and He does speak, in many different ways, sometimes putting some words on our hearts, like Burt experienced. Other times with a clear impression on our minds, like I had in the fall of 2014 when I met with the elders to arrange the speaking schedule for 2015. Eight Sundays were assigned to me and even though I accepted them, there was an uneasiness inside of me, what we sometimes call, “a check.” Something said, “no, you won’t be here.” I felt very uncomfortable, but didn’t know what to say to the elders, tell them that I was I going to die? And no, I didn’t die, but I had such a serious breakdown in February that I did not speak the rest of the year. We need to learn to recognize and listen to God’s voice, He speaks to us a lot more than we realize.

When Marina and I returned from our brief family visit out West, Burt and Elaine told us they felt led off the Lord to stay with Rosa for an indefinite period, as He would lead, which eventually became 2 1/2 years. We were very thankful knowing that Rosa was in good hands and that the Lord had arranged this! And so, in September we returned to Belgium. We were able for the time being to live upstairs in the building owned by the church in Eeklo, where all our stuff was stored too. Two couples from an assembly told us that they would give us an interest free loan if we wanted to buy a house, what an offer! Again God was looking after us.

So we started house hunting, which was not easy, but we finally found something in Sint Martens Latem, a very well to do town south of Ghent. However, we did not live in the nice part of the town, but in the lower class area. Like things are usually done in Belgium, the owner wanted part of the money “in black” as they say, in Canada they might say, “under the table.” This is done so that tax is paid only on the amount on the bill of sale. I told the man that I was a Christian and wouldn’t do that. He really swore and said “xxxx” I’m a Christian too.” Ha, he sure just proved that. I told him I would pay him a certain amount extra if we could do everything honestly, and he agreed. We signed and had ourselves a house, but……………………! (Go to Musings).

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