Nr.175 ended with, “Now back in Elmira, I became so desperate that I finally took a note to one of the elders telling that I was quitting as a missionary and that I was going to get a job here in Canada and stay with Rosa………………!” (See

Marina and I prayed and talked a lot about what to do. We couldn’t find any medical help for Rosa and because we didn’t know what to do or to whom to turn, we decided to go God’s way and talk to the elders of our church. We believe that God has instituted authority, in the government, in the church and in the family. And even though our political leaders are imperfect, as well as our spiritual leaders and the fathers of the families, we are to still obey them and submit to them. It is in the human heart to reject authority, think of the first pair of humans in the garden of Eden, what was their sin? They rejected God’s authority and chose to go their own way and we all know what the outcome was!

Two of the elders and their wives, representing all the elders of our assembly, met with us and told us that they did not accept our “resignation”, but felt very strongly that we were to return to Belgium and continue our God-given ministry there. They offered to take turns in caring for Rosa. We prayed together, and then Marina and I, respecting their spiritual place and leadership, felt we should follow their suggestion, trusting God to work things out. It was very wonderful of these two couples to be willing to do what they had offered. And we felt that as long as we followed God’s way, He would guide. And He certainly did, in fact He had an even better plan. It was decided that we would return to Belgium during September and that in August we would make a brief trip out West to see Marina’s relatives.

There was a fine retired Christian couple, Burt and Elaine McCollum living in Montreal. They had for years been involved in the Lord’s work as missionaries with the Union of French Baptist Churches in Canada and Burt had just resigned from his position. Now they were looking to the Lord as to where He would have them go. She had prayed but gotten no direction. He went to his room and sought the Lord and God put two words on his heart, “Elmira, downtown.” He didn’t know what to think of that. The next day a woman, a relative who was counseling Rosa, called them and asked whether they would be willing to look after a young woman for two weeks while her parents went out West. Burt asked where that would be, she answered, in Elmira, downtown…………….! (Go to Musings).


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