Nr.171 ended with, “It was not easy, not for Marina and me and certainly not for Rosa. But God…………!” (See

Because of man’s turning away from God right from the beginning until now, we live on a broken planet, with many miseries, much pain and death. Much of this is difficult to understand, but we know that with God we can handle a lot, He does not necessarily deliver us out of the problems, but He does give us the strength to go through them. We see that with our daughter Rosa, she has said that if she would not have known the Lord, she probably would have ended her life a long time ago and she understands why many do just that, they can’t take it anymore. We rejoice in her strong faith.

“But God…….!” What about us? It was difficult for us, wondering what the future would hold, but one thing was sure, we knew that more than 25 years ago God called us to proclaim the unsearchable riches of Christ. Then He sent us to Belgium, where He did wonderful things confirming our calling. But now we were back in Canada. We knew that nothing had changed as far as His original call was concerned and so we continued to serve Him wherever He opened a door. And doors were opened. I was asked to hold a weekly Bible study in an assembly in Toronto, and to hold meetings in Beamsville and to preach in a number of churches. I spoke at the Woodside Missionary Conference here in Elmira that year and spent two weeks in Alberta speaking in a couple churches and at a men’s conference.

While Marina stayed with Rosa, I flew to Belgium and spent two months there, also visiting a number of assemblies in Wales, one night staying over with professor John Lennox in Cardiff. You can find him on YouTube debating Richard Dawkins and other atheists and lecturing on many interesting subjects, which are excellent. I was in Wales to create an interest and find prayer support for the work in Belgium. It was also good to visit many believers in Belgium and our two daughters Lily and Renee, whom we missed very much. Missionary families often get split up and it is hard on everyone. It often means real sacrifice, but we are convinced that ultimately the Lord will bless and reward those who have paid a price.

So we continued to serve the Lord with the spiritual gifts He had given us. If you are a true born again Christian, you are also saved to serve and you will find your greatest joy and satisfaction in doing just that. Scripture mentions about 25 gifts of the Spirit, do you know yours and are you using yours? What are you living for and what are you really here for…………? (Go to Musings).


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