Nr.157 ended with: “There we sat, out in the nowhere, and no other car on the road and no house in sight……………!” (See

It was getting cold in the car as we sat there hoping someone would come by, but it looked like there was nobody else travelling during that cold night. I looked at Marina and said, “Let’s pray.” Someone may remark, what good will that do and what can God do in such a situation? But I prayed and asked the Lord for help. The moment I said “Amen”, a thought flashed through my head and I almost shouted at Marina, “Do you have the thermos with you?” “Yes” she said, “the big one, it’s in the back seat.” “What’s in it?” I asked, she said “hot water.” I said “hot water, what for?” She answered, “I have some packages of instant soup with me and I can make you a cup of hot soup.” Hah, forget about the soup. I got out of the car, took the thermos and poured some of that hot water over the diesel filter, and sure enough, the diesel became fluid again. I waited a bit and turned the key, and praise the Lord, the car started.

We began driving but after about 15 km it stalled again. I poured more hot water over the filter and way we went again. I think I did this three or four times and then we came upon a lonely service station. The fuel tank was still more than half full, so I explained to the attendant what our problem was and he said to put in at least 15 liters of gasoline and then fill up the rest of the tank with diesel. He said the gasoline will keep the diesel from freezing and it won’t hurt the motor. So off we went and after many hours of driving through the night with hardly any other cars on the road, we arrived home safely, very tired, but extremely thankful.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord answered our prayer. I had barely finished saying “Amen” and the thought flashed through my mind, the thermos. I didn’t even know we had it with us. I know it was the Lord, as I have had more of these experiences. You see, our God is alive and well, He is real indeed, what about yours……………………? (Go to Musings).

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