Nr.111 ended with: “And there was much more to be done, too much to mention. But where was all the money going to come from……?” (See

Yes, looking back now, I still wonder, where did all the money come from? Because we worked with volunteers, the labor was free, except for meals, coffee and extras, but all the materials, cement, paint for both outside and inside, ceiling material, electrical materials, water and sewage materials, etc. etc. had to be bought. And the money came, some from young believers, some from our co-workers, but most came from Canada as our support went up without us asking for any funds, absolutely amazing and proof that God was in this, we give Him all the glory!

On Sunday mornings Marina and I and our daughters would drive to Beerse, a 45 minute drive, to be there for the morning meeting. We would start with an open session of singing and announcements, after which the children would go to their Sunday school classes. Marina was responsible for this as Marjorie did not know the Dutch language yet, but she would also help. The adults would celebrate the Lord’s Supper and have a message. Then we would drive home and get ready for the Bible study in our house in the evening. After a while we started with a once a month Sunday evening meeting at which we celebrated the Lord’s Supper as in Beerse.

On the first such a meeting a doctor from Peer attended, he was a fine Catholic man but not a born again Christian. I will call him Phillip and his wife, who could not attend due to being very pregnant, Ingrid. Because I knew he was not a real child of God yet, I really explained the meaning of the Lord’s Table and who could take part. Phillip got the message and let the bread and cup pass. I had met Phillip and Ingrid some time ago in the fall of 1974. They came to the home of Martin and Lydie Symons, our future Flemish full-time workers. Martin had been asking them for some time to meet with me, but they were hesitant. Now, however, they were ready to come, but they brought two Catholic priests along……..! (Go to Musings).


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