Nr.110 ended with: “……but now we thanked God over and over again for having sent us here and being part of this wonderful work and this was only the beginning……..!” (See

We’re into 1975 now and we have moved from the mill in Beerse to our house in Koersel, province of Limburg in east Belgium. Next to this province is another province called Limburg, but it is part of the Netherlands. I went to high school there in the city of Heerlen and it is from that city that I immigrated to Canada in 1958. So here we are and there is excitement in the air for at least four reasons: 1. More people are coming to the Lord, especially in Limburg, while the Bible studies keep growing. 2. The large hall at the mill in Beerse is being worked on, but it will take a long time to get it ready for all the baptisms that are going to take place there. Remember the words: “The place will throng with people”? (See nr.96) 3. The amazing provisions from the Lord for the work at the mill. 4. Two couples coming into the work, Martin and Marjorie Luesink moved into the mill and in June Henk and Beryl Gelling would join us in Limburg.

Living in Koersel now, I was able to give more attention to the young believers and Bible studies there. But I also continued to go to Beerse a couple times a week for Bible studies and to help with the work at the mill. Saturdays were especially busy as a number of young believers would help with the renovations. The large hall had been used to keep chickens in, so one can imagine what it looked like! We had to put in sewer pipes, water pipes, drainage pipes, toilets, and a cement floor. The walls had to be redone and a new ceiling put up. A large baptism tank was built with bricks which the owner of the mill, who had a brick factory, donated, for which we were very thankful. We also had to put up light fixtures and other things. And there was much more to be done, too much to mention. But where was all the money going to come from……? (Go to Musings).

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