Nr.107 ended with: “But what to do now, we had a lot of places to go but no car………?!” (See

After the meeting Ollie Shantz phoned and told us that he had another car for us and that he would be driving through the night to get it to us by morning. The following day we took my dentures to be repaired and shortly after we were home, Ollie arrived with a brand new Ford Crown Victoria; it had only 6 miles on it when he picked it up, it was a real beauty! After some coffee we took Ollie to the airport and that same morning he flew home again, dear brother! After lunch we picked up my dentures and started out further West. That night I was to speak in a church in Thunderbay, about 700 km from where we were. We had phoned the night before and cancelled the meeting as we would not be able to be there on time. The next evening I was to speak in Winnipeg, province of Manitoba, about 1300 km from where we were. Thunderbay was a little over half way.

We drove as far as we could that day, had a short night in a motel and drove on to Winnipeg where we had a wonderful meeting. What a joy to be able to tell folk about what God was doing in Belgium. The next day we drove almost 800 km to Marina’s parents in the province Saskatchewan; it was wonderful to see them again after 3½ years. We stayed there a few days while visiting friends and relatives. We held meetings in Regina, Saskatoon and Moose Jaw, and also in Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary in the province of Alberta. What a blessing to find so many folk praying for us, so encouraging! From there back to Marina’s parents and a few days later back to Ontario, almost 3.000 km, driving through the US, which was faster. We had a last visit with our home church and friends there, after which we flew back to Belgium, glad to be home again with our children, who were so happy to see us. And now, what did the Lord have in store for us next…….? (Go to Musings)

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