Nr.103 ended with: “But then something very strange happened…..!” (See

Much work was being done to the mill. Two men from Operation Mobilization (OM) came to help. One of them, Martin Luesink, had been best man at our wedding. They fixed the large flat roof, and what a job it was! Two young men from Beerse dug a large hole in the hall, which would become the baptism tank and in which hundreds and hundreds of people from all over Flemish Belgium, plus a few of my family members from Holland would later be baptized. What a job that digging was, as the ground was like clay. A young Christian, who was a mason, came to build the tank. And there was much, much more to do, both inside and outside.

Work during the day and Bible studies and visitation at night. And then I had this strange experience. One night going to Limburg, driving through a wooded area, a voice came from the back of my Volkswagen bus, saying “You need to move again.” I was shocked! Whether it was a real voice or just something in my head, I’m not sure, I am very careful with these things, but it was so real that I did look back to see where this voice came from. When I got home late that night, I told my wife about this and she said she had also felt that day that we needed to move again.

But this was ridiculously, we had just moved and now again? I argued with the Lord and told Him we couldn’t do this, but the strong impression continued and wouldn’t leave us. And as the inner conviction grew, so also did the need in Limburg. The Bible studies increased, people were converted and we took quite a number to be baptized in a church in Brussels. But now, a local church needed to be planted, but who could do that? I told the Lord that we wanted to be absolutely sure He was prompting us, and that if this really was from Him, He would have to provide a house and a meeting place for us in Limburg, I would not look for anything myself.

And then, sometime later, we received a phone call……! (Go to Musings).

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