Nr.102 ended with: “However when the wedding and the feast were over and people went home, something very tragic happened…….!” (See

Because the wedding took place in the mill and not in the Catholic Church, the parents and other family members of the bride did not attend, which was very sad. But the groom’s parents and his grandfather were there, the grandfather remarking how he enjoyed the service. After the wedding, when the parents drove the grandfather home, a car from a side street ran a stop sign and they crashed into it, throwing the grandfather from the back seat onto the front windshield. They were all taken to hospital were the grandfather passed away some time later. We were all heartbroken! You can well imagine how this was talked about in the town, some even suggesting that this was God’s punishment for not marrying in the RC Church, how ridiculous! We really sorrowed with the family.

However, life went on and so did our little church. We had now started meeting in the round room of the mill. We came together in a very simple way, with a table in the middle on which a loaf of bread and a cup of wine were placed. We would have a time of singing first, after which the children went to their Sunday school rooms in our house and the adults would continue with readings from scripture, singing and praying, thus worshipping the Lord. Different ones would take part and it was wonderful to see and hear these young believers. The service would end with a short message. Teaching was given in Bible studies during the week. I wonder whether the early Christians did not meet like this. We know that in many parts of the world where there is no freedom of religion, Christians still meet in this way, in attics, in basements, in the woods and other secret places. We need to be thankful for and make good use of our freedom. Jesus said “I must work the works of Him who sent me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work,” John 9:4. How we need to take these words to heart and follow His example!

But then something very strange happened…..! (Go to Musings).

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