Nr.101 ended with: “A lot of work would have to be done to the house part of the mill before we would be able to move in during July or August. However, there was one real problem……! (See

Our house in Antwerp was rented with a 3 year contract. If we got out before the 3 years were , we would have to pay at least 3 months’ rent. This is 42 years ago, contracts may be different now. That was a real problem for us as we did not have much money, and we needed every cent to fix up the house in Beerse. What to do? After praying about this and talking it over with our co-worker, he and his wife decided to rent our house. So together we went to see the landlord to talk with him about our move. We told him that we had a couple who would like to rent the house and take over the contract. It took some talking, but after some time he decided to let us go, since we had been very nice to him and kept the house in a very good condition. Thank God, what a relief, not having to pay anything, praise the Lord!

And so we started getting things ready to move. Two youths, from our home church in Canada and just out of high school came over towards the end of June. The girls stayed with us for about 3 months. They were a tremendous help in getting ready for the move and then, after we had moved, they scraped off and cleaned the outside walls of the mill and repainted the whole place, what a job! How thankful we were for them. They slept high up in the round tower, going up two narrow stairs to their “bedroom.” Other people helped us fix up the house, painting, wall papering, putting in central heating, etc. Finally the place was ready and we moved in. One of the first services was the wedding of a young couple from Beerse, right in our living room. It went real well but caused a lot of talk in the town. However when the wedding and the feast were over and people went home, something very tragic happened…….! (Go to Musings).

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