Nr.99 ended with: “It was late when we left their apartment and drove to Beerse and then on to Antwerp where a very important decision was going to be made……….!” (See

But before I say anything more about this important decision, let me tell you about the next visit with Martin and Lydie in Peer. This time there was a Catholic priest present. I liked the man and found him very sympathetic and honest. But we discovered that he knew very little about the Bible. I asked him for example whether he knew that Jesus had brothers and sisters. He didn’t and I showed him several scriptures which he had never seen before. I also asked him whether he knew that Peter, according to his belief, the first Pope, was married. He was very surprised and I showed him Mark chapter 1 where Jesus healed Peter’s mother in law, which of course meant that he was married. We went on like that for a while and then he admitted that in seminary they had never really studied the Bible that much, but rather books about the Bible. I really appreciated his honesty. It was late again when I left the house. Sometime later a Bible study was started in the Peer area and also one a bit further south in Zolder.

Because of these studies in Limburg and in the Beerse area, I had to do a lot of driving. This, plus the fact that the work in Antwerp was doing great, the question arose as to whether we should not be moving. We believed the Lord had brought us to Belgium to start churches. In fact, when my future co-worker from Canada, Henk Gelling was visiting us, he came along to a prayer meeting where we prayed and asked the Lord to start 10 churches in 10 years. Henk couldn’t believe what he heard, but the reality is that not 10 churches were started in 10 years, but 20 in 15 years! God was at work and we were privileged to be part of that. And so we sought the Lord as to a possible move and the starting of a new church in Beerse! How would He lead? Excitement was growing……..! (Go to Musings).

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